Live Pretty, Live Natural in Winters

Beauty is not just a word; it’s an emotion, and taking care of your skin should be your first priority. Don’t you want to look beautiful? Yes, we know you want to, so why not take it seriously. Regular skin care is a must for getting beautiful skin, makeup may hide your flaws for some time, but inner beauty is something that you need to focus on in order to get healthy and flawless skin.

Winters are the worst season for your skin, and extra care is needed to be done, this season brings dry, rough and patchy skin and no one wants it. To get relief from all these problems you try different products and even home remedies, but nothing will work out as every skin is different in its way and needs to be taken care according to their skin type. Essentials oil is something that benefits you without giving breakouts, and also you can use it in various ways.

Incredible Benefits of Essential Oils

You may have heard about essential oils if you are looking forward to taking care of your skin, but do you know what benefits it offers to your skin? If no, then let’s discover it.

Essentials oils are used for health and medical purposes for many years as it is a proven remedy for various skin and health issues. Below we have listed some benefits of it:

Essential Oils For Treating Acne: Geranium Egypt essential oils comes with antiseptic and antibiotic properties that help in treating acne without giving any side effects and also a suitable option for healing the open wounds.

Essential Oils for Anti-Ageing: Lemon essential oil has antimicrobial properties that benefit your skin by nourishing damaged skin, treating wrinkles and also hydrates the skin, which in results give you fresh-looking younger skin.

Essential oils come with various benefits, but it can only be successful if you know what essential oil is ideal for your skin problem, we are very sure that you are also eager to know this, so let’s not wait and here are the oils with their benefits:

Essential oils for Acne skin and How to Use Them:

Lemon Essential Oil: This essential oils have anti-infection and anti-fungal properties and thus help in treating acne without any side effects. Do not use it directly on your skin and combine it with Kimayra carrier oils for better and quick results.

Lemongrass Essential Oil: This is the most used essential oil in a skincare regime, and its regular use lessens the visibility of acne marks. Mix a few drops of Lemongrass essential oil with Kimayra natural coconut oil to get brighter and flawless skin.

Essential oils for sensitive skin and How to Use Them:

Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil: This essential oil comes with soothing properties; that’s why it is best for people with sensitive skin. Use only a few drops of this oil as too much usage can irritate the skin.

Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oil: This essential oil is beneficial for various sensitive skincare problems like irritation, inflammation, itchiness and redness on the skin. Take a few drops and mix with Kimayra natural coconut oil for better and visible results.

Yeah! We have covered all benefits of essential oil, and we hope you love reading this blog. Please share your feedback or suggestions for our next blog. You are a great reader!