How Coconut Can Benefit Your Skin?

If you have been or heard that south Indians mostly use coconut oil in their food, hair & skin, it’s because south India has heavy coconut oil production and that’s how it gains its popularity. People worldwide using coconut oil in their food as it helps in preventing many health issues. You might not know that it is beneficial for skin as well, it the best ancient moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated even in extreme winters. And if we talk about trends, coconut oil is on top of all, and it seems like it has gained an immense craze of people putting coconut oil in the skin as moisturizer, cleanser or body oil.

You can also use this oil on your face as it is considered a natural moisturizer. If your face is naturally oily, you can mix aloe Vera gel to make it suitable for oily skin and don’t be afraid to use coconut oil in summer days as your skin needs to get hydrated in summers. If possible, you must try to use natural skin care products. If you are not using many skincare products, using this coconut oil for moisturizing the skin, will help your skin beautifully.

What are the benefits of Coconut oil for your skin and how you can use it?

Makeup Remover: Yes it is a moisturizer, but you can also use it as your makeup remover because it’s natural properties like being antifungal, antibacterial will moisturize your face along with removing makeup.

How to Use: Gently rub the oil all over your face and neck and once you are done wash away with your face wash and make sure that al the residue is rinsed away.

Face Mask: There’s is nothing better than pampering your skin with a face mask; it helps in healing the skin and gives your skin a new shine. Blend coconut oil with your favorite face mask for better results.

How to Use: Cleanse your face and apply the mask, leave it for 15-20 minutes and relax! Wash away when time is over and hello your skin is ready to glow.

Hydrate Dry skin & Hands: Coconut oil works wonder in healing dry & itchy skin. Its antimicrobial properties soothe your skin and thus results in a deeply moisturized & hydrated skin.

How to Use: Apply on damp skin & hands after bathing or before going to bed, take enough amount according to your skin condition. Do it regularly, and you will see the results.

Now it’s the end of our blog, we hope it is beneficial for you; also, we added links if you want to buy organic & natural coconut oil with no chemicals. Please comment below how you use coconut oil & is it beneficial for you?